Monday, August 3, 2009

Ordering Info

Stuff condition
All stuff are new. If CD or cassette, will have the plastic/jewel case but mostly they are not shrink-wrapped (except for digipak).

Payment Option
PayPal only.
Although the currency set in USD, we accept the equivalent in Euro. Email us if you wish to pay in Euro.

Postage / Shipping
Prices include postage for registered airmail worldwide.
We will pack in bubble-padded envolope (either new or re-use envelope). Hope you will not give a fuss if not getting a new envelope with your purchase. If you, then drop us a note "New bubble-padded envelope only" by email.

Paypal Fee
All prices already includes the fees.

How to order?
Click the button and pay directly.
You can also order by email. Just email us the titles you are interested with and we give the total price and the paypal account.

If you encounter SOLD OUT message in Paypal, e-mail us. We put 3 copies in the Paypal inventory. Most of the time we have more copies in hand.
If one day you see some stuff available here but not the next day when you come to re-visit the web, that means that stuff no longer available.

Please stand-by your list of alternatives in case the stuff you want have sold-out. This situation should not be happening but in-case we overlook our stock. We have updated the list with "last copies, last copy!" which you can use as indicator on the stock. If none mention, means we have plenty.

Return Policies
We encountered some experience of CDR are not working or skipping when played. This is not our fault since we are not manufacturing these ourself but we bought them from the bands/labels. But as sign of good will, we will exchange with a new disc if you return the malfunction disc. But you have to notify us within 14 days of receipt. Postage from you to us paid by yourself. From us to you is on us. No refund.

Any email/address we got from the purchase is only for the purchase. It will not be on any mail-list, etc.

Contact us if you have more questions.

radioactivescroll [a] yahoo [.] com

"Enslaved in Blackness" is the words from "Lords Of Apokalypse" of "Skullfucking Armageddon" which is one of my fave release of all times.

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